More than 20 years of work experience of our highly qualified dental professionals,

state-of-the-art dentistry equipment and high-quality dental materials certified

both in Lithuania and the EU help preserve the natural health of your teeth,

prevent toothache and restore a natural smile in all of the junior and adult patients of our clinic.


Dantų implantacija

There is a variety of dental implants, therefore it is important to chose quality implants from trusted manufacturers; your quality of life will depend on it quite literally.


Endodontic or root canal treatment is one of the main areas of expertise that „Angitia“ dental professionals have been focussing on for more than 20 years.


Professional oral hygiene is the removal of dental tartar and plaque that build up on dental surfaces. It is a reliable and inexpensive way of preventing serious dental issues and possible later consequences – tooth loss, dental implants and prostheses. Prevention is the guarantee of preserving one‘s natural teeth intact.


Pediatric dentistry is not only dental treatment but also the dentist‘s professional ability to communicate with children on their own level of understanding. That is why children‘s dentists are required not only to possess high professional qualifications but also to be experts in child psychology in order to build a relationship of trust with their junior patients.


Prosthetic dentistry is the restoration of lost teeth with durable artificial ones that are similar in colour, size, shape and appearance to your natural teeth or perhaps even better than the ones you had. This excellent opportunity in dental restoration is provided by the state-of-the-art advanced metal-free ceramic digital prosthodontic technologies that are delivered to our patients here at „Angitia“.


If you have any inquiries or dental care issues, don‘t hesitate to call us, send an email, submit an inquiry or fill out a registration form for an appointment at our clinic – our highly experienced dental staff is happy to help