Worn teeth, repetitive restoration

Depending on one‘s lifestyle and heredity, teeth surfaces may become subject to wearing-off and their necks may become uncovered.

Worn teeth

A tooth surface that is wearing-off becomes more sensitive and influences the occlusion. Irregular occlusion increases further wearing-off of the tooth surface. Aesthetic fillings are attached to the worn surfaces, protecting them against external thermal effects and the further process of wear.

Worn lower part of canine teeth, possible cracked angle of central incisor, a long time since professional oral hygiene has been performed
Tie Plaque removed from teeth, teeth were bleached, worn parts recovered by means of aesthetic restoration

Teeth with uncovered necks

Gums often tighten in older age which causes the necks of the teeth to uncover and become increasingly worn.

At the least sight of tooth wear, please visit our clinic and we will make sure that your teeth are protected with special surface materials that will prevent your teeth from further wear, as well as the effects of cold and hot food.

It‘s not worthwile waiting for your teeth to become sensitive to hot and cold food as worn tooth surfaces and necks may require long, complex and more expensive treatment in case of aesthetic restoration. Once you feel any sign of tooth sensitivity, don‘t hesitate to visit our clinic where our dental professionals are always ready and willing to help you.

Repetitive treatment and restoration

If dental treatment was not properly performed, harmful bacteria may still be inside it or might have started spreading in the former cavity. In cases like these we have to treat such teeth anew.

We state with great confidence that there are almost no cases when treatment has to be repeated in our clinic. Due to multiple reasons the quality of different services is varied, too, and the area of dentistry is no exception to it. The quality of dental treatment is of utmost importance because the outcome of improper treatment is, ultimately, tooth loss.

If you find a dentist who keeps restoring the same tooth over and over, we urge you not to delay until all there is left to help you is a prosthetic crown. Please visit our clinic and we will make a stop to it.

Every time a tooth is restored, it has to be slightly drilled and polished, leaving less of the tooth with every single time the procedure is repeated.

The long-term quality of aesthetic restoration at „Angitia“ is guaranteed by more than 20 years of work experience by our dental staff.