Teeth bleaching at the dentist‘s office

Teeth bleaching at the dentist‘s office (so-called „office bleaching“) is a quicker and sometimes a more effective way of bleaching teeth than at home, e.g. bleaching by laser, however, it‘s also more expensive.

Laser bleaching system „Zoom”

Laser bleaching is a highly effective whitening procedure which has no mechanical effects on the teeth surface. Laser bleached teeth are crystal white and the patient can smile wide open.

A restored crystal clear smile is the result of the state-of-the-art laser bleaching technology.

Bleached teeth are covered with a special and slightly more potent whitening gel which is activated using the „Zolar“  laser;  due to its action the deeper layers of teeth are reached. This procedure takes up to 45 minutes. Laser bleaching is a safe, effective and efficient teeth whitening technique.

A more effective whitening result is reached after 2 to 3 bleaching procedures.

The „Zoom” bleaching systems is a modern, advanced, efficient and fast-acting teeth bleaching procedure that has been proven by scientific research. It is safe, effective and fast-acting. The main advantage of this bleaching technique is that bleached teeth achieve a shade from 8 to 10 to 12 (eight-ten-twelve) times whiter than before just within a single hour.

Modern bleaching agents and technologies guarantee perfectly white teeth

Carbamide peroxide bleaching

Carbamid peroxide used in tooth bleaching is a lesser and weaker-acting form of hydrogen peroxide. For centuries it was known as an antiseptic agent, only later it‘s bleaching effects were established. Carbamide peroxide can dissolve albumen spots covering the tooth surface without damaging the enamel.

A protective layer is placed before bleaching
Teeth surfaces are carefully cleansed with a special roller after the bleaching procedure

Scientific research shows that this bleaching agent is safer than some of the toothpastes as it contains no abrasive particles, e.g. soda. However, the amount of the agent being used and duration of the bleaching procedure is different for every patient and has to be evaluated by the dentist.