Preventive check-up on arrival for the first time 10
Examination and treatment plan 30
Consultation (deducted from service fee in case further services chosen) 20
Anesthesia 5
Light-activated (photopolymer) filling from 40
Glass ionomer filling from 30
Dental restoration using a light-activated filling from 70
Dental restoration using a glass ionomer post 60
Glass ionomer post 20
Treatment of single root canal affected by pulpitis 30
Treatment of single root canal affected by periodontitis 35
Single root canal filling from 35
Removal of old onlay from a single root canal from 40
Extraction of a foreign body from a root canal from 40
Application of calcium paste (single root canal) 10
Temporary filling 5
X-ray picture 5
Preparation to apply post and core (single root canal) 25
Tartar removal (single jaw) 25
Treatment with soda (single jaw) 25-30
Painting with sealant (single tooth) 20
Application of pulp devitalisation paste 20
Cofferdam 5
Restoration of primary tooth:
Light-activated (photopolymer) filling 30
Glass ionomer filling 25
Primary tooth root canal treatment 30
Extraction of primary tooth 15
Painting with sealant 15
Full cast crown or onlay 200
Metal ceramic crown from 250
Metal ceramic crown on implant 300
Metal-free ceramic crown, laminate veneer or onlay 450
Zirconia metal-free ceramic crown from 390
Titanium ceramic crown 350
Removable partial (superior) dentures 600
Removable partial (inferior) dentures 650
Removable partial denture clasp 40
Denture 320
Temporary attachment on implants from 40
Prosthetic attachment/basis on implants from 80
Immediate denture from 60
Custom tray 30
Bleaching trays 40
Laboratory-made post and core 120
Laboratory-made plastic crown 60
Office-made plastic crown 30
Plastic crown (CAD/CAM technology) 70
Permanently crown placed 15
Old crown removal (pressed) 15
Old crown removal (cast or ceramic) 20
Dental implants from 500
Lower edentulous jaw implantation on three implants Trefoil system 4000
Sinus lift from 300
Tooth extraction from 35
Complex tooth extraction involving surgery 100
Regular wisdom tooth extraction 50
All-on-4 4000-5000