Pediatric dentistry and oral care

Oral care skills that are developed in early childhood
are a guarantee of healthy teeth for life

Pediatric dentistry is not only dental treatment but also the dentist‘s professional ability to communicate with children on their own level of understanding. That is why children‘s dentists are required not only to possess high professional qualifications but also to be experts in child psychology in order to build a relationship of trust with their junior patients.

We have highly qualified children‘s dental professionals workinging at „Angitia“, always tenderly attending to their junior patients‘  dental care needs, carefully and dilligently treating their teeth.

Vaikų dantų gydymas

The following dentistry procedures are provided at „Angitia“:

  • Children‘s dental health prevention
  • Dental health diagnostics in children
  • Pediatric dentistry and restoration
  • Tooth extraction in children under anesthesia

Children‘s dental health prevention

During a primary dental checkup the dentist explains to the child and his parents the basics of oral care – correct toothbrushing etc. – as well as draws the parents‘ attention to issues of irregular tooth growth and jawbone development in order to take preventive measures on time in the future.

In case of an improperly grown tooth, it has to be examined by an orthodontist at once
Children are eager to learn how to properly brush teeth at a dentist‘s surgery

Dental health diagnostics in children

Dantų silantai vaikams

A dentist makes sure that children‘s teeth are not affected by decay, loss and pain

The parents‘ task is to prepare the junior patient for a dentist‘s appointment, so that he should understand that dental treatment is the purpose of the visit

Everything the dentist is attempting to do is for the preservation of teeth against decay, pain and loss.

Pediatric dentistry and restoration

A child‘s tooth is being filled with a dental composite that hardens using a dental lamp
A dentist is polishing a child‘s teeth

It‘s very important not to lie and deceive a child telling him that it‘s „not going to hurt a bit“; in case anesthesia is needed, it may actually hurt a little while and the child will feel deceived and confused and may lose trust in the dentist.

Tooth extraction in children under anesthesia

Tooth extraction in children is a much more responsible medical procedure than you may think. One of our experienced dental professionals will properly assess whether it is really necessary to have the tooth removed.

A children‘s dentist removes the tooth on time, without pain and any risk of infection
A secondary tooth is erupting in place of a properly removed primary tooth

The risks of removing primary teeth in domestic settings:

  • infection;
  • it might be difficult to stop the bleeding;
  • the root may brake and part of it might get stuck in the gums.
This sort of tooth braking can damage the gums
It‘s risky and unhygienic to remove teeth by children themselves