Painting chewing surfaces with dental sealants

In order to safely preserve the masticatory surface of newly erupted teeth, dental professionals recommend painting the depressions and grooves of chewing surfaces with special coating materials – dental sealants. Their efficacy has been prooved by scientific research.

Painting children‘s tooth chewing surfaces with coating – dental sealants

Dental sealants are coating materials that are used against dental caries as a preventive measure. This material acts as a liquid dental composite (filler) which thoroughly bonds into the depressions and grooves of chewing surfaces in children‘s secondary teeth.

Children‘s molars that are painted with dental sealants will be protected againts caries more than the teeth that had not been painted with the same coating

Dental sealants are mostly used to paint the first and second molars. First secondary molars usually appear in children around the age of 6. Their chewing surfaces are the most vulnerable. Children at this age often lack proper oral hygiene and quality nutrition skills , therefore their molars are the very first to go bad.

Dental sealants are recommended for immediate use once the teeth have erupted and haven‘t been affected by tooth decay. If the teeth are painted in time and the dentist keeps an eye on it on a regular basis, there‘s a much greater chance to protect the teeth against decay than not having them painted at all.

Once the dental sealants have thoroughly sealed the chewing surfaces, they will protect the teeth during the several upcoming months which will be critical for the chewing surfaces to become stronger and during which proper toothbrushing skills will be improved.