Multiple dental implants

Nowadays it‘s completely immaterial whether you are suffering from a loss of a single tooth or , in fact, multiple teeth – our highly skilled implantologists here at „Angitia“ dental clinic can help you restore several or all of your teeth. The success of implantation procedures is 99,20% and the discomfort experienced is similar to that of dental restoration because local anesthesia is applied.

Permanent teeth attached to implants are completely similar in colour and form to your natural teeth and are manufactured within 3 to 8 months after implant insertion.

While the prosthesis is manufactured, a temporary tooth is attached in its place which is fully sufficient to support all the functions of a natural tooth. The artificial teeth are designed using digital imaging technology in order to recreate a highly precise image of teeth and dental crowns to match the exact characteristics and needs of every single patient and his dental condition.

Single dental implant

A single implant that has an artificial tooth on top is similar in shape, size and colour to other.

Depending on the situation, implantation may follow on the same day or take up to several months, regardless, Nobel Biocare implants have a guarantee for life.

Single dental implant – one implant, one attachment, one tooth

Multiple dental implants

If there is multiple tooth loss (lateral), there is no need to use separate implants for each tooth – two implants may be used and a lateral bridge or dentures can be attached

However, we do not offer bridges  with more than two in-between teeth without implants attached; the more teeth are attached to a single implant, the more steadily these teeth are fixed.

Dental implants: a bridge made of three teeth attached on to two implants