Jawbone augmentation

Once jawbone erosion settles in, we advise to rectify this issue as soon as possible: if there is sufficient volume of bone tissue, we recommend inserting dental implants urgently.

If jawbone atrophy is at an advanced stage and there is no place to insert the implants, the missing volume of bone tissue can be augmented using artificial or natural bone or by performing sinus lift surgery with an extra amount of bone tissue. Once the necessary bone area and volume have been enhanced, dental implants can be inserted safely and reliably.


In cases of significant jawbone deterioration, a certain amount of artificial or natural bone tissue taken from the patient is augmented in the missing place prior to implant insertion. Partial jawbone augmentation is an excellent choice allowing not only to restore the jawbone, but also the anatomical structure of the face. However, this procedure is lengthier and more complicated than the insertion of zygomatic implants, meaning that it requires jaw augmentation, acquisition and post-surgery.

The jawbone will have to be augmented prior to implantation in place of the missing tooth, allowing some time for the jawbone to decompose first
It is much easier and cheaper to cover the existing tooth remains with dental crowns than to augment the jawbone, attach a dental implant and only then to restore the missing teeth

Jawbone augmentation using bone substitutes

Bone tissue substitutes or artificial bone can be used for jawbone augmentation in several places which are deficient in bone volume, as well as repair other damages made to the bone. When bone volume is increased using bone tissue substitutes, areas of the jawbone filled with artificial bone are then covered with self-dissolving membranes. Artificial bone augmentation surgical procedures can be performed along with implantation or prior to it, once the patient‘s condition has been assessed. Once the deteriorating jawbone has been filled with the artificial bone tissue, the artificial graft merges with the original tissue, whereupon the dental implant is inserted.

Jawbone augmentation using a graft

Jawbone augmentation using a graft taken from the patient‘s natural bone tissue is performed when there is grave deficiency of the bone tissue and the issue cannot be rectified using an artificial graft. A piece of bone tissue is extracted from a donor‘s or the patient‘s own lower jaw or chin area and is then grafted onto the depleted jawbone area which is targeted for implantation. During surgery the graft is attached to the jawbone and then takes 4 to 6 months to merge; after that, dental implants can be inserted.

Sinus floor lift procedure

In cases when the height of the jaw process has to be lifted, additional bone tissue has to be added to the sinus floor. During sinus floor lift surgery necessary jaw ridge height is formed which later impacts successful implantation. Once additional bone tissue has been added to the sinus floor, it is then covered with a special protective membrane.

The additional bone tissue added to the sinus floor becomes vascularized in 6 to 9 months after the sinus lift surgery and feels like it always belonged there. Dental implants can be inserted soon afterwards.

Sometimes implants are inserted during the sinus lift procedure, thus saving half a year or even more. A similar amount of time is required for the graft that has been added to the sinus floor to merge with the original bone tissue, as well as the dental implants to merge with the jawbone.

Deterioration of the bone tissue in areas of missing teeth is an inevitable and irreversible process that can only be stopped by implantation. If there is not sufficient bone volume for implantation, augmentation is the course of action. There is no other choice.

Before having your teeth removed or in case you already had them removed or lost otherwise, we recommend to visit our clinic urgently while there is still an opportunity to insert dental implants into your natural jawbone. In that case, you won‘t have to go through all these procedures of bone augmentation and sinus lift surgery.