The importance of dental checkup

The dental checkup should be a basic, but at the same time the most important and comprehensive dental procedure  – reasonably inexpensive, efficient, uncomplicated and beneficial to one‘s teeth by all means. Prevention is always easier than treatment or dental restoration:

  • the result of good prevention is a set of one‘s own healthy, white and natural teeth;
  • the result of treatment is teeth that have been properly repaired;
  • the result of dental restoration is quality artificial teeth.

It‘s everyone‘s own decision when and which option to go for.

We recommend to visit our clinic at least once a year while you still feel your teeth are healthy and there are no signs of pain or other discomfort. Our trained professionals will notice even the slightest changes in your tooth enamel which you may not be aware of yet. Even if you have to undergo treatment, an infection that has been spotted on time will be much easier and quicker to treat than a chronic one.

The importance of dental checkup
A dentist can easily identify areas affected by caries that the patient has no awareness of yet
The importance of dental checkup
If untreated, an area affected by caries tends to deepen and spread

An issue of slight decomposition on the tooth surface can be easily managed in a single appointment: the area would be desinfected, cleansed and filled. You would save a lot of money and time, not to mention the long-term spread of greater infection.

If the majority of people were to make regular dental appointments and, as a consequence, preserve their natural teeth, dentistry would most probably lose its place. People would no longer know toothache, living without one‘s natural teeth (tooth loss), prosthodontics, dental implants and other dentistry services.

The importance of dental checkup
An untreated infection within the tooth can get its way to the root canals, reach the jawbone and cause an inflammation
The importance of dental checkup
An untreated spreading infection within the tooth can cause permanend damage to its function or even complete loss

Although our highly-skilled dental professionals provide all the previously mentioned services with exceptional quality and guarantees, we advise to schedule regular dental appointments at our clinic during the course of which you will preserve your own healthy and natural teeth.

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