The importance of aesthetic restoration

Aesthetic restoration is the reconstructed and improved
condition of your natural teeth completely restoring its function,
an attractive smile and joy of life.

The concept of aesthetic restoration is more linked with cosmetic dentistry, therefore our clinic provides these services when there is a need for aesthetic correction of tooth coloration, size and proportion.

Aesthetic restoration is a relatively inexpensive dentistry solution allowing to recover the natural beauty of even teeth which is of special importance to central teeth.

Aesthetic restoration requires great professional skill and the mastery of a jeweler on behalf of the dental professional performing the procedure; our dentists at „Angitia“ are more than accustomed to aesthetic restoration procedures as so many patients have enjoyed their restored smiles delivered by our professionals. You could say that aesthetic restoration is a daily routine procedure delivered with diligence and love in our clinic.


Aesthetic restoration is a long-lasting beauty combination of colour and form

In order to increase the whitening effects of the indivisible combination made up of your natural teeth and the aesthetic composite restoration, we recommend professional oral hygiene and an individually tailored teeth bleaching regimen to be performed prior to the restoration procedure. Fillings, like all other artificial dental materials, are very resistant to bleaching.

Professional oral hygiene followed by teeth bleaching (according to need) are important steps prior to aesthetic restoration
Prior to the restoration procedure, the dental surfaces are treated with special materials that increase the bonding of the filling

Once teeth bleaching is complete, an aesthetic filling is picked out to match the colour of the newly regenerated teeth

While performing aesthetic restoration with high acuity, our dental professionals are able to re-establish lost dental tissues layer by layer, slowly recovering and improving the shape and size of the tooth, as well as the original coloring that matches the tooth scale. That‘s why the natural colour of filled teeth, as well as its filling, is even and whole, retaining the same properties of shine and form as the other teeth.

For restoration purposes, modern dentistry uses composite resins that are very similar to dental tissues.  That‘s why teeth originally missing a broken part and containing an aesthetic filling are as solid as natural healthy teeth.

A properly hardened filling using modern safe materials tightly bonds into the tooth surface and becomes a single, highly durable dental monolith, allowing to chew normal food.

A filled tooth is being properly hardened using a dental helium lamp

Excellent and long-lasting aesthetic restoration results are achieved using the safe, durable and quality Swiss composite laminates „Componeer” and „Edelweiss“.

The latest advances in dentistry and the professional skill of our dentists at „Angitia“ allow for the full recovery and reconstruction of broken teeth during aesthetic restoration.

estetinis dantu plombavimas

The main goal of aesthetic restoration is to preserve the vitality and functionality of teeth, as well as much of the dental tissue as possible. We try to avoid polishing other teeth, that‘s why this is a highly sparing way of restoration.

Every dental procedure is followed by the use of a suction tube to remove saliva; during the treatment and restoration of a particular tooth , especially in case of increased saliva flow, the oral cavity is outlined with a cofferdam, which is a water-resistant medical rubber with frames.

The treated tooth can be separated from other teeth by using a ring and placing it in the cofferdam
In case of increased saliva flow, the cofferdam keeps the oral cavity dry and isolates the treated tooth in order for the saliva not to get inside the tooth during restoration

The cofferdam is punctured and the treated tooth is protruded through the hole, while other teeth remain separated. The medical rubber is fixated on the visible tooth with a special ring, where the initial puncture was made.

The filling is being hardened using a dental helium lamp. Aesthetic restoration, like every other procedure, uses a suction tube to prevent saliva from getting into the cavity of the treated tooth
The filling is being hardened using a dental helium lamp. Aesthetic restoration, like every other procedure, uses a suction tube to prevent saliva from getting into the cavity of the treated tooth

Just because the fillings don‘t fall out of your repaired teeth, it doesn‘t mean you should forget your way to our clinic. The effects of aesthetic restoration and fillings in our patient‘s repaired teeth are time-resistant; we welcome them for regular dental checkups that will allow to avoid filling teeth, even if the restoration is permanent. After all, it is far better to preserve one‘s natural teeth than have them repaired. A professional dental checkup and professional oral hygiene are in order to guarantee such results.