More complex and more expensive treatment

Neglected damaged teeth are more difficult to treat, it‘s longer, more complex and expensive

Prolonged dental caries is more difficult to treat, the patient has to make multiple appointments, the treatment process takes longer instead of a single appointment where a tiny area of decay is detected.

If the small stain of caries is notreated, it‘s only a matter of time when it penetrates the solid tissues of the tooth and gives way to infection via root canals.

If one allows caries to spread deeper into the tooth, a longer and more complex treatment awaits.

Delayed dental treatment is more expensive that timely treatment or prevention

Besides the unwanted consequences of delayed dental treatment there is also the question of medical expenses.

More complex and more expensive treatment
More complex and more expensive treatment

Understandably, the later one starts treatment, the more complex, longer and more expensive the treatment will be.

Healthy, white natural teeth are not only an invaluable asset and condition of our quality of life, but also a money saver.

That‘s why we recommend preserving your natural teeth by frequent visits to your dentist instead of saving up for the future in a piggybank.

That way the preservation of your natural teeth will cost much less than restoration by means of artificial materials. It will be a long-term investment in your health and family budget.

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