„All-on-4“ dental implants

„Angitia“ is one of the oldest dental clinics in Kaunas using the unique Nobel Biocare implantation technique „All-on-4“,  due to which your teeth can be restored in a single visit. Your dream to have healthy, white and everlasting teeth can become a true reality in our Kaunas clinic.

All-On-4 is an ideal implantation technique for edentulous jaws . This basically means that either all the crowns comprising one‘s lost teeth or a bridge is attached onto four supporting implants; the patient leaves our clinic with a full set of teeth, albeit temporary, in a single visit. The permanent set of dentures is manufactured within several months. It‘s a highly efficient and economic dental restoration technique, especially for elderly seniors.

all on 4

„All-on-4“ implantation technique applied to the attachment of the lower jaw teeth

It‘s worth mentioning that other manufacturers have finally acknowledged and started offering similar implantation techniques, although this method was under heavy scrutiny not long ago. However, the Noble Biocare implant system is the best researched and documented implantation technique since 1990 and we have been applying it in our clinic since 2006.

The „All-on-4“ implant system is the ideal choice for senior patients suffering from total tooth loss or using removable dentures
The „All-on-6“ implant system is the perfect choice in all other cases, especially junior and middle-aged patients

Junior patients who suffer from total tooth loss in both jaws are offered prostheses that are attached onto 6 to 10 implants. Young people demonstrate a higher strain on masticatory processes and it is also believed that the younger the patient, the longer the lifespan.

There are 6 implant attachments in the upper jaw, however, there can be twice as much crowns that can be attached
All teeth of the lower jaw can be attached on to a 5-attachment implant

We‘ve mentioned the realistic technical potential of dentistry technology allowing the use of dental implants for multiple dental crowns as this technique greatly reduces the price of implantation and dental implants as well. However, under individual circumstances, we always recommend to allow for the smallest space possible in-between implants as this guarantees for the stability and endurance of the construction itself.